College Apps, Selecting, Applying to, and Paying for the Right College for You

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Author: Trish Portnoy
Edition: 001
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781285098296
ISBN 10: 1285098293
Copyright: 2013

Price: $14.99

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Today's students and their families are in new territory when it comes to making college and career decisions. With the high cost of college and the wide variety of educational options available, families are, more than ever, in need of careful, clear guidance and advice. A roadmap for students and parents, COLLEGE APPS: SELECTING, APPLYING TO, AND PAYING FOR THE RIGHT COLLEGE FOR YOU will lead you through the sometimes tricky transition from high school to college. Author Trish Portnoy's approach, developed over years of teaching teens, is inspirational. Fast-paced, step-by-step, and task-oriented, COLLEGE APPS encourages a cooperative approach, creating a space for students and parents to develop and implement a shared strategy and, ultimately, achieve success.


  • Addresses career planning and college success requirements and goals.
  • Provides opportunity for goal-oriented, timely curriculum/course offering.
  • Streamlines and demystifies college selection and application processes.
  • Earns positive feedback from school stakeholders and end-users.

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