Introduction to Fire Pump Operations

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Author: Thomas Sturtevant
Edition: 002
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9780766854529
ISBN 10: 0766854523
Copyright: 2005

Price: $99.95

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Firefighters aspiring to meet the professional qualifications for Vehicle Driver/Pump Operator will benefit from the second edition of Introduction to Fire Pump Operations. Thoroughly updated to the 2003 Edition of NFPA Standard 1002 Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications, it teaches readers to efficiently, effectively, and safely operate and maintain fire pumps. Topics are logically organized, beginning with an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the driver and operator, then stepping through the construction of pumps and operational procedures and progressing to the theory and principles behind water flow. Important water flow calculations are illustrated, followed by expanded information on automatic nozzles, standpipe operations, hydrant flows, and other topics that promote the safe and efficient operation of pumps.


  • comprehensive coverage includes chapters on emergency vehicles, pump construction and peripherals, pump procedures, and water flow calculations, offering firefighters one complete source
  • a detailed guide to the 2003 Edition of NFPA Standard 1002 correlates the specific job performance requirements to specific pages in the book where the content is covered
  • additional examples and sample problems help students through the more complex topics of water flow theory
  • completely adheres to the model National Fire Academy FESHE curriculum course Fire Hydraulics & Water Supply
  • an enhanced instructor?s package includes answers to questions and problems in the book as well as PowerPoint, quizzes, skill sheets and more!
  • engaging photos stimulate interest while helping readers keep current with the latest equipment advances

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