Understanding Construction Drawings

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Author: Mark Huth
Edition: 004
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781401862695
ISBN 10: 1401862691
Copyright: 2005

Price: $99.95

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Updated to the 2003 International Building and Residential Codes, the fourth edition of Understanding Construction Drawings continues to highlight a range of real construction projects - from residential dwellings to commercial structures. This enhanced edition takes a detailed approach to reading construction drawings by providing thorough coverage that builds the foundation for a broad understanding of the entire construction process, - beginning with a simple duplex home that focuses readers on the fundamentals of views, lines, basic dimensioning, and symbols. Next, coverage of a multi-level single family home goes into more depth in orienting and cross-referencing drawings. The third section explores multifamily construction and is accompanied by more complex drawings for practice and more advanced interpretations. The final portion of the book introduces readers to elements of commercial construction, including structural steel, masonry, and reinforced concrete. A set of drawings accompanies each building so that readers can apply important skills and gain a "real-world" understanding of construction drawings.


  • updated coverage complies with the 2003 International Building and Residential Codes, as well as the latest materials and construction methods used in the industry today
  • a new unit on Roof Trusses brings the book up to date while maintaining coverage of roof framing for a comprehensive approach to residential print reading
  • more than 600 questions throughout the book encourage readers to critically review plans and apply those skills to various types of construction drawings
  • each section features a virtual walk-through of the appropriate building for visualization of concepts
  • a math review at the back of the book provides step-by-step instructions for all the math concepts presented

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