Hazmat Awareness Training Video

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Author: Delmar, Cengage Learning; NATMI
Edition: 001
Product Type: Video Tape
ISBN 13: 9781401871826
ISBN 10: 1401871828
Copyright: 2005

Price: $113.95


This training video is part of an innovative program, developed in conjunction with the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI). It features a training video that address the transportation of hazardous materials by the trucking industry, as well as issues of compliance of carrier companies and individual truck drivers with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. This innovative program utilizes a seminar format to concentrate on all levels of hazardous materials training. Coverage meets the needs of carriers to provide HazMat refresher training that is required at least once every three years. Issues of safety and security of trucking fleets, including HazMat handling, are also addressed to help ensure that the carrier’s safety management team fulfills the task of making sure that truck drivers are trained on the transport of hazardous materials.


  • developed in a training format approved by NATMI, the only regulating body that certifies Safety Directors/Supervisors, Maintenance Directors/Supervisors, and Certified Driver Trainers
  • provides critical information necessary for carriers to be compliant with DOT regulations, and for truck driving school students to become professional carriers of hazardous materials
  • video format is especially helpful to those types of transportation personnel and trainers who prefer hands-on, visual instruction
  • the manual serves as a take-away reminder of what has been learned in the classroom

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