Company Officer

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Author: Clinton Smoke
Edition: 002
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781401826055
ISBN 10: 1401826059
Copyright: 2005

Price: $99.95

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This book was developed to assist paid and volunteer firefighters in the quest to become fire officers. Based on NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Competency, 2003 Edition, this updated book features vital information for those who seek certification as Fire Officer I or II. Comprehensive coverage not only satisfies the operational requirements of NFPA 1021 levels I and II, but also addresses the all-important 'soft skills' that are essential to quick mastery of the fire officer position. Human resource management, communication, leadership, community and government relations, administration and management, fire prevention, inspections and investigations, and safety issues are all addressed for proficiency on the job. In this regard, the book is also useful for members of rescue squads, emergency medical response agencies, and other similar emergency organizations.


  • provides a comprehensive guide to Fire Officer I and II as outlined by the 2003 Edition of NFPA 1021, including a detailed correlation guide comparing the requirements of the Standard to the corresponding page in the book
  • an enhanced full color design features textboxes highlighting critical information regarding safety, ethical considerations, officer advice, and other important facts that allow the officer to hit-the-ground running in the new position
  • expanded coverage of emergency management reflects the changing role of the Company Officer
  • "Street Stories" and "Case Studies" highlight valuable lessons learned by real fire officers from across the country
  • a complete instructor's package is available in print and electronic versions, offering modularized curriculum, skill sheets, information on how to set up and run Fire Officer programs, PowerPoint, computerized testbank, video clips, an image library and more

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