Introduction to Low Voltage Systems

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Author: Amy DiPaola; Sam DiPaola
Edition: 001
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781401856564
ISBN 10: 140185656X
Copyright: 2006

Price: $224.95

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Jump-start your knowledge of low voltage systems, associated devices, and the methods and terminology of the industry! This introductory, all-inclusive guide combines the basic elements of various low voltage systems into a single source, so that readers gain a concrete understanding of the operation of individual systems - including theory of operation - as well as how they integrate. Information pertaining to devices, connection and cabling, and the National Electrical Code® are all thoroughly examined, outfitting users with an appreciation for the operation of such systems, as well as the language and terminology of the industry. Readers will gain valuable insight into the purpose and use of the Code®, the treatment of devices and their relationship to the entire system, conductors and cabling, and more. Easy-to-read content that is written especially for industry novices employs a thoughtful use of layman's terms so that difficult concepts and topics will be swiftly grasped.


  • issues such as voltage drop, characteristic impedance, attenuation, and insulation are discussed in depth, promoting a knowledge of the major issues involved in specifying the right type of cable for a job
  • a detailed discussion of the basics of computer networking examines the levels of communication and protocols necessary for communicating across a network
  • readers will gain an understanding of the NEC® and associated terminology that will enable them to flow through the pages of any industry magazine or manufacture's guide relating to such topics
  • coverage assumes a fundamental understanding of the basic laws, components, and circuits of AC/DC electricity

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