Agricultural Mechanics, Fundamentals & Applications

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Author: Dr. Ray V. Herren
Edition: 004
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9780766814103
ISBN 10: 0766814106
Copyright: 2002

Price: $129.95

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This newly expanded fourth edition text offers the latest information in the field of agricultural mechanics, providing instruction on basic mechanical skills and applications, as well as career opportunities. Topics covered range from tool identification and maintenance, small engines, electricity, and electronics, to construction and masonry. The units are presented in a logical, easy to read and follow format, allowing readers to comprehend concepts and apply them to laboratory or field settings. Vividly portrayed illustrations complement this work with the most current full color photos, charts, and diagrams, reinforcing the book's fluid movement between the principles and application of modern agricultural mechanics. The comprehensive appendices also include extensive reference material, making "Agricultural Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications" an invaluable resource for education and industry.


  • Full coverage is given to aspects of agricultural mechanics, providing the latest information in tools and technology
  • Chapters are logically presented and thorough, positioning agricultural mechanics in the broad context of technology, science and engineering
  • Vivid full color illustrations reinforce the text's fluid movement between the principles and application of agricultural mechanics
  • The easy to read format allows students to comprehend the principles and applications of nearly every phase of the field

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