Legal Terminology with Flashcards

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Author: Cathy Okrent, J.D.
Edition: 003
Product Type: Book w/Multimedia (CD, DVD or Electronic)
ISBN 13: 9781418039806
ISBN 10: 1418039802
Copyright: 2008

Price: $338.95

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Legal Terminology with Flashcards, third edition transforms the student into someone who is proficient in the language of law: communicating correctly to clients, lawyers, judges, and the police. Beginning with the use of a dictionary/thesaurus in each chapter, the student is immersed into nineteen separate areas of the law with phonetic pronunciations, definitions, usages, and spellings that facilitate the quickest approach to writing and speaking with the appropriate legal terms. Following mastery of each term in the dictionary/thesaurus, the student uses multiple learning formats (multiple choice, matching, fill in, true/false, sentence completion, synonym selection, and a puzzle) to use and reuse between 90-110 terms per chapter. The numerous exercises allow the student to master the terms, reinforcing their meanings, usages, pronunciations and spellings.
The biggest overall benefit to each student is the confidence to begin using legal terminology in the writing of briefs, memorandum of law, bills of particulars, and other legal documents or communicating by email, in person, or via telephone. Mastering legal terminology is the key to advancing in any legal position and this book makes it fast, easy and enjoyable.


  • Exercises appear in a variety of formats to accommodate multiple learning styles
  • The dictionary/thesaurus feature facilitates the fast and accurate completion of all exercises
  • Phonetic spellings of terms make pronunciations exact and easier from the start
  • Term Search feature at each chapter conclusion allows for a comprehensive review
  • New thought-provoking cases open each chapter, factually illustrating the area of law, putting the terms in context and focusing the reader
  • Over 1900 terms are now in hard copy flash cards (as well in an electronic version) to allow quick mastery of definitions, usages and spellings
  • All terms appearing throughout the text defined and are also contained on the accompanying CD-ROM. The audio portion of the CD-ROM offers students the opportunity to both hear and see the terms
  • Nineteen new cases appear at chapter openings and allow the reader to understand each area of law in a factual context
  • Fully updated to reflect changes in the law: Bankruptcy, Administrative, Agency, Corporations, Criminal, Labor and Employment, and Torts

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