The Commercial Greenhouse

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Author: James Boodley; Steven E. Newman
Edition: 003
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781418030797
ISBN 10: 1418030791
Copyright: 2009

Price: $249.95

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The Commercial Greenhouse, third edition, is a complete text for the modern commercial greenhouse grower, educator, and student. The text is a complete reference on greenhouse systems and technologies, and the science of growing crops. The Commercial Greenhouse, third edition systematically starts the reader off by outlining the fundamentals; providing an overview of greenhouse structures, and the biology of growing plants under cover including light temperature, gasses, soils, water, and nutrients. These essential chapters are followed by fifteen chapters that focus on specific guidelines and greenhouse procedures for successful greenhouse production, insect and disease control, and marketing. The clear and concise presentation of fundamental concepts in The Commercial Greenhouse, third edition makes this text a must for every greenhouse professional's shelf.


  • New color photographs updating the text to modern greenhouse production as well as information on greenhouse glazing and structures is provided in this new edition.
  • Updated information on pesticides, including updates on soil sterilants, and anew section on integrated pest management, including lists of pesticides registered for greenhouse use is provided.
  • Updated information on bedding plant plug production.
  • Clear and concise presentation of concepts, greenhouse engineering and design, basic plant biology, soils and nutrition, propagation, container production of flowering plants, cut flower crops, and marketing and distribution of floral products.
  • Complete reference on greenhouse systems, greenhouse practices, and greenhouse crop production in one text.
  • Production guidelines for most traditional floral crops, plus many more.

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