Electric Motor Control

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Author: Stephen L. Herman
Edition: 009
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781435485754
ISBN 10: 1435485750
Copyright: 2010

Price: $129.95

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With a highly practical approach, ELECTRIC MOTOR CONTROL, 9E provides a useful and effective tool for anyone who will install, monitor, and/or maintain motor controls. The book begins by introducing the simplest of equipment and then builds upon this knowledge, step-by-step, enabling readers to learn how to draw and interpret motor control schematic diagrams. Subsequent units provide useful information on motor control components and how they are connected to form complete control circuits.


  • Final unit 60 on troubleshooting techniques provides real-life tools for readers.
  • Updated content includes coverage of Mercury bulb float switches.
  • Chapter 3 Magnetic Line Voltage Starters has been heavily revised.
  • Over 30 updated photos and line illustrations.
  • VISUAL AIDES: Includes updated artwork and schematic diagrams.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Step-by-step instructions are given on how to use the voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter when troubleshooting a control circuit.
  • UNITS: Short, self-contained, 4-10 page units are a key trademark feature of this book so that content can be easily matched up with teacher and learner needs.

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