Moving Images, Making Movies, Understanding Media

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Author: Carl Casinghino
Edition: 001
Product Type: Book with DVD
ISBN 13: 9781435485853
ISBN 10: 1435485858
Copyright: 2011

Price: $186.95

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Moving Images is the first comprehensive media studies and motion picture production textbook of its kind. Offering a series of thematically-driven units that provide opportunities for collaborative learning, enhancement of creativity, and development of higher order thinking, this book is designed to get your students excited about making movies. Students will not only learn how to analyze and appreciate motion pictures, but they will also study the fundamental skills needed to create and produce their own movies. With an included interactive DVD students will also be able to view short films, as well as use a selection of film files to enhance their editing skills.


  • Promotes skill-building and understanding of motion picture arts from a variety of standpoints and through a range of learning styles., Since the materials include sufficient reading and writing exercises, curriculum can be created for English, technology, or other departments with the use of this text.,
  • Framing the Discussion boxes are included within each chapter to promote critical thinking and discussion amongst students.
  • Analysis, writing and production end of chapter exercises instruct students not only on how to understand motion pictures, but also how to create and produce them.
  • An accompanying interactive DVD provides students with the opportunity to build their editing skills., Using files on the DVD, students can edit scenes that are designed to reflect the content of each chapter.
  • A selection of short films is also included on the DVD, allowing teachers and students to view specific examples of concepts being presented in each chapter.

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