Essentials of Torts

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Author: William P. Statsky
Edition: 003
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781401879648
ISBN 10: 1401879640
Copyright: 2012

Price: $199.95

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ESSENTIALS OF TORTS, Third Edition is a practical and relevant guide for the paralegal as well as for anyone preparing for a career in the field of law. Well-written, logical, and full of interesting material, this book focuses on paralegal roles in tort litigation while providing readers with a comprehensive overview of the law of torts. This condensed version of Statsky's TORTS: PERSONAL INJURY LITIGATION, Fifth Edition, ESSENTIALS OF TORTS includes topics that are relevant for today's readers such as the Internet, terrorism, 9/11, and tort liability. Chapter objectives, margin definitions, review questions, and numerous exhibits are included in each chapter to clarify important concepts and reinforce difficult material.


  • The text has been updated to include topics relevant to today's students such as tort liability, the Internet, 9/11, and terrorism.
  • Chapter objectives, margin definitions, helpful websites, and review questions have been added to enhance student understanding and mastery of the material.
  • Visual aids, such as charts and exhibits, have been updated in order to clarify and reinforce difficult concepts.
  • "Ethics in a Torts Practice" feature in every chapter asks the student to read a fact situation and identify ethical problems that may exist.
  • The comprehensive charts on each of the major torts (Definitions, Relationships, Paralegal Roles, and Research References) have been moved from the beginning of the discussion of the tort to the conclusion of the discussion.
  • Paralegal CourseMate with additional learning tools and an interactive eBook.
  • In order to give students an important overview of material as well as a valuable on-the-job refresher, a checklist of definitions, defenses, relationships, paralegal roles and research references are included for each major tort presented.
  • Comprehensive coverage in a shorter format makes this text a practical and relevant guide for the paralegal as well as for anyone preparing for a career in the field of law.
  • Examples are used extensively to highlight critical doctrines and practices.
  • Assignments that ask students to apply concepts to a particular fact situation are included within most chapters.

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