Online ASE Technician Test Preparation 2.0 (TTP2): Automotive Bilingual Service Consultant (C1)

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Author: Delmar
Edition: 002
Product Type: Electronic Course
ISBN 13: 9781435488397
ISBN 10: 1435488393
Copyright: 2013

Price: $29.95

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Prepare for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) exams online with ease! Delmar's online ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Service Consultant (C1) course is newly updated and enhanced to ensure those preparing to take the ASE certification exam are even more equipped for success than ever before! Including significant enhancements to content and functionality, this robust online product features all of the necessary components a user needs to successfully prepare for ASE certification. This bilingual product provides both English and Spanish speaking technicians access to preparatory materials delivered in an easy-to-use format, while ensuring learning and retention. A detailed, three- tiered preparatory methodology (Practice, Standard and Timed testing modes) is designed to ensure users increase confidence not only in answering task-list based questions correctly, but also in gaining test-taking assurance when performing in a simulated, timed exam environment. The Practice mode, the suggested starting preparatory test mode, provides detailed, question level remediation with each question response. This includes answer explanations, links to the relevant task list area(s) being assessed, digitized videos, animations and full-color, engaging graphics designed to increase learning efficiency. The Standard mode removes the remediation element, and begins to transition the user to ensure comfort in a simulated online test taking environment. The Timed mode simulates most closely the actual ASE exam, where each preparation exam is timed and results achieved are viewed only at the completion of the entire set of questions for each test area.


  • 50% more new questions have been added to the database to ensure a more well-rounded preparatory experience.
  • Practice tests are generated from a vast database of questions so users can take as many practice tests as needed without repeating the same test.
  • Four times as many animations ensure the product addresses the specific needs of visual and kinesthetic-based learning styles.
  • All graphics and charts are now provided in full color for increased understanding.
  • Content has been updated to support the latest ASE Task List so users are preparing with the most up-to-date content available.
  • New product functionality includes a Question Map feature designed to assist in reviewing unanswered questions prior to submitting them to ensure users are fully prepared.
  • Maps to the latest ASE task list familiarize users with the categories of knowledge they will be tested on.
  • Newly refined and enhanced reports provide detailed test results down to the task list level so users have data to track preparation progress.
  • Complements the exam readiness test offered by ASE by offering remediation to improve scores.
  • Product received industry recognition with the receipt of a National Excellence in Training Award from the Automotive Training Manager's Council (ATMC).
  • Organizational/Managerial Reporting is available for Training Managers or Institutions. Contact your sales representative to learn more!
  • Subscription provides one year of access to content.

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