Family Law

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Author: William P. Statsky
Edition: 006
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781435440746
ISBN 10: 1435440749
Copyright: 2013

Price: $238.95

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FAMILY LAW, sixth edition, provides a comprehensive introduction to modern family law for the paralegal, covering substantive and procedural law with a strong practical emphasis. In addition to fundamental principles of family law and nationwide legal practices, the book includes state-specific assignments to help you identify relevant laws and regulations in your area. Legal analysis exercises help you apply substantive law principles discussed in each chapter, while sample checklists, forms, documents, cases, and exhibits provide exposure to real-world tools and processes used by working professionals. New content for the sixth edition includes updated coverage of evolving legal issues such as same-sex marriage, adoption, fertility, stem cell research, material on legal ethics, and the role of technology in law.


  • New and updated material reflects the ongoing evolution of laws related to high-profile issues, including same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships, adoption, stem cell research, fertility, and reproductive technology.
  • The text's abundant collection of sample forms, documents, and related resources has been updated to reflect current professional standards and practices, as has coverage of technology relevant to legal practice in general and paralegal duties in particular.
  • Each chapter now opens with a detailed list of learning objectives, as well as key skills and themes to be covered, enabling students to focus their efforts and place what they read into context.
  • New material at the end of every chapter includes review questions to help students assess their understanding, Check the Cite exercises requiring Internet research on relevant cases, and a Project with Internet activities related to state-specific laws and regulations.
  • New appendices provide useful resources for family law practitioners in every state.
  • Special features in each chapter emphasize the importance of legal ethics for modern paralegals, as well as exploring challenging and controversial issues confronting today's legal professionals.
  • The text includes ample coverage of the role of technology in modern family law, including how computers and the Internet are affecting laws and legal practice.
  • Numerous sample checklists and related exercises help students develop essential interviewing and investigative skills they will need to succeed in the paralegal profession.
  • Case study excerpts from important court opinions illustrate the practical applications of key legal principles, allowing students to deepen their understanding of chapter material and appreciate the real-world impact of family law.
  • Examples of complaint and interrogatory documents enable students to get familiar with key elements of paralegal practice they will encounter as working professionals.

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