Biology of Women

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Author: Ethel Sloan, PhD
Edition: 004
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9780766811423
ISBN 10: 0766811425
Copyright: 2002

Price: $249.95

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Centered around the health of the human female throughout the lifespan, Biology of Women continues to provide a basic framework upon which health related issues can be discussed. Now in its fourth edition, the text remains unique due to its biological depth for medical professionals with the readability for non-major students. A woman's reproductive life and psychological issues are covered, as well as an examination of the sociological and cultural factors that influence a woman's nutrition and physical activity. New pedagogical features to this edition include case studies, glossary of terms, controversial treatment options, and historical perspectives.


  • Descriptions of the latest interventions and treatments surrounding new technology
  • Sex/gender-specific biology and disease along with medication efficacy and drug matabolism differences in men and women are discussed.
  • Updated material featured on nutrition, dieting, and eating disorders
  • Recent epidemiological findings and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS, along with cancer, and heart disease in women.
  • Discussion of the years beyond menopause is supplemented by additional information on aging
  • Updates on assisted reproductive techniques, research on fertility drugs, and long term follow-up of women who received the treatments

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