Automotive Technology: A Systems Approach

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Author: Jack Erjavec
Edition: 003
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9780766806733
ISBN 10: 0766806731
Copyright: 2000

Price: $149.95

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This comprehensive textbook covers the theory of operation, diagnostics, and repair procedures for each system and subsystem of late model domestic and imported automobiles and light trucks. The new edition is published in full color for the first time, including all new step-by-step photo sequences to help users visualize and identify common repair procedures. The technical content has been both updated and improved. An emphasis is placed upon providing the best possible coverage of key topics virtually all automotive technicians must know electricity-electronics, engine performance, steering and suspension and brakes. "Hot Topics" such as the use of diagnostic equipment (including lab scopes), hazardous materials management, OBDII, electronic automatic transmissions, anti-lock braking systems, air-conditioning refrigerants and retrofitting, passive restraint systems and many others have been expanded and updated. Key new teaching tools, including 100 full-color transparency acetates, and Power- Point based lecture outlines, have been added to make the teaching package the best available. This textbook is also accompanied by an extensive Tech Manual that includes an all-new electronic study guide.
Lab Manual, ISBN: 0-7668-0674-X


  • Latest regulations on hazardous materials, waste handling, and disposal
  • Expanded coverage of diagnostic techniques and procedures for all systems
  • Twenty-two new photo sequences.
  • Expanded coverage of diagnostic equipment, including scan tools and lab scopes.
  • Expanded coverage of the latest electronics advancements made in engine and body controls
  • New format for the engine performance sections includes separate chapters on theory and diagnostics/service
  • Comprehensive coverage of OBDII systems
  • Up-to-date coverage of powertrain systems.
  • New format for the air conditioning section including a separate chapters on theory and diagnostics/service
  • Expanded coverage of antilock brake, traction control, and stability control systems
  • New coverage of the latest passive restraint systems, including smart systems
  • SAE J1930 terminology is incorporated and updated throughout
  • Lively, step-by-step photo sequences demonstrate repair procedures for easier retention
  • Case Studies emphasize logical troubleshooting methods
  • Shop Talk and Customer Care boxes offer practical advice
  • Using Service Manuals boxes offer suggestions on maximizing the use of technical information
  • Procedures Boxes isolates repair procedures from the rest of the content
  • Chapters include performance based learning objectives, key-terms bold-faced on first use, key terms lists, chapter-end summaries of key concepts, cross references to Technician's Manual activities, and review questions including ASE-style questions.

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