Online Companion: Technical Mathematics, 3E

A Word from the Author

Students, colleagues, and standards have all contributed to this revision of my technical mathematics books.

Each time I used the previous editions, students would make helpful comments and I have incorporated their suggestions.

I also heard from colleagues, both at Chattanooga State Technical Community College and at other schools around the country. Sometimes this would be informally when we were talking to each other at conferences, such as the national AMATYC or MAA meetings, or at various state and regional conferences. Other times they would send more formal comments via e-mail. Again, I have tried to include these suggestions in this revision.

Finally, the various standards have had a large influence on the development of this new edition. I was actively involved in AMATYC’s National Science Foundation funded project “Techincal Mathematics for Tomorrow: Recommendations and Exemplary Programs” and have tried to incorporate the many suggestions made in the project’s report A Vision: Mathematics for the Emerging Technologies. Earlier standards, AMATYC’s Crossroads, and NCTM’s, also have had a great impact.

I want to hear from you. What changes would you like me to make in the future? Is there anything that should be added, removed, or put in a different order? Have you found any errors? Would you like some additional resources added to this OnlineCompanion web site? Do you have suggestions for additional projects or applications? Send your suggestions to me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

John C. Peterson