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Chapter 23 - Infectious Diseases

Activity 23-1
Break That Chain!

Topic: The chain of infection

Materials: Overhead transparency showing chain of infection model, a copy of Activity 23-1 student handout for each student (Notas Útiles para Estudiantes)

Background Information: Understanding this concept can help students learn and remember disease-prevention techniques.


  1. Make an overhead (or PowerPoint slide) of the chain of infection (see Figure 23-4 in the text).

  2. Use the overhead to discuss the concept of infection control. Include ways to break the chain at each “link.”

  3. Distribute the worksheets and ask students to list, without looking in their books, as many prevention techniques as they can for each link in the chain.

  4. As a follow-up, have students share their answers.

Alternate activity: Have students work in small groups to create the lists.

(Source: Adapted from Haroun, L. & Royce, S. (2004). Teaching Ideas and Classroom Activities for Health Care. Clifton Park, NY: Thomson Delmar Learning.)

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