Online Companion: Residential Construction Academy: Basic Principles for Construction

Ever wonder what it would be like to work in the construction industry? Ever wish you had the knowledge and advice of experts working in a specific trade? Or perhaps you are still undecided about which field you wanted to build a career — whether is is carpentry, electrical wiring, HVAC, plumbing, or facilities maintenance.

The Residential Construction Academy is an integrated program that provides the basic information you need to know to build a foundation of knowledge in any of these craft areas. The first stepping stone in this series is the Basic Principles for Construction, which provides an introduction to the industry, as well as a review of the basic skills and tools critical to success. The book takes that concept even a step further by providing a "real world" perspective through "Success Stories" — articles featuring five individuals from across the nation working in various trade areas. These individuals welcome you into their world, and provide an "insiders" view at what day-to-day life is like working in their field.

Included here are the "Success Stories" of five additional individuals who wish to share their stories, as an added bonus to the book. To read their stories, click on the links below.