Chapter 1

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.


Most hand tools are not as expensive as power tools, but they are equally important in completing a task or project.


A level has tubes known as cylinders that are partially filled with colored liquid leaving a trapped air bubble for use in reading desired results


The most common tape measure used by plumbers extends 25'-0" and has a 1.25" thick blade.


It is not as important to focus on the weight or the head type as it is on the type of claw because a plumber uses hammers less often than a carpenter.


Smaller diameter plastic and flexible piping are best cut with a specially designed plastic pipe cutting tool to ensure a clean and square cut.

Complete each sentence or statement.


The nail paw is also known as a __________ paw, and it has two different slotted ends that allow the user options based on the work location.



A ____________________ is used for strainers and tub drains, but its popularity has declined because plumbing materials are now manufactured with thinner metals and more plastics than in past decades.



A ____________________ flares the end of soft copper tubing, creating a 45-degree angle to mate with a compatible brass flared fitting.



A _________________________ allows a plumber to create bends in copper tube for tight spaces and to achieve professional appearance.


Short Answer


Why must all burrs be removed after cutting a pipe end?

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