Chapter 2

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.


Electrical power tools are connected directly to a power source and should never be used when wet conditions exist.


The top of a stepladder can be used for standing.


Currently OSHA has no regulation for fall protection.


Personal ear protection should always be worn when using power tools.


The maximum operating speed of a grinding wheel must be compatible with the grinder being operated.

Complete each sentence or statement.


Three common drills used by plumbers to drill wood products are the ____________________, the ____________________ and the ____________________.



Most drills are provided with a removable ____________________ or ____________________ that can be installed in various designated locations on the tool and must be installed prior to using.



A ____________________ drill has its chuck placed at a 90º, or right, angle from the body of the tool.



The most common pistol drill style is a _____" type, which can handle larger diameter drill bit shanks that are used with other drill types; it offers more power for drilling holes than the _____" type.


Short Answer


What is the purpose of a saber saw?

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