Chapter 5

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.


Every residential dwelling is required by code to be provided with at least one isolation valve.


Depending on the region of the country, the municipal water authorities install an isolation valve before a water meter to allow for repair or replacement.


Most gate-valve designs are not a direction-style valve and can be installed based on desired handle location instead of the direction of the flow of a piping system.


All hose bibbs are protected with a backflow device.


To ensure the water drains from the hose faucet, it must be installed sloping slightly downward toward the exterior of the building.

Complete each sentence or statement.


The _____ of the piping system is a factor in determining the possible volume of water that can be supplied by a particular pipe size.



Valves and devices are categorized based on their ____________________ capabilities.



A _______________ valve utilizes a metal gate (disc) that slides vertically to open and close the valve.



A _______________ is a valve design that utilizes a rubber washer to stop the flow of water and is a directional flow isolation valve.


Short Answer


What is the purpose of a relief valve?

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