Chapter 22

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


Which of the following are not dimensioned in elevation drawings?
the thickness of the footer
the height of the foundation walls
top of foundation to finished first floor
finished floor to the top of window headers

Complete each statement.


Drawings that show the height of an object are called ____________________.



____________________ is determining the relationship of one drawing to another.



Elevations are often named according to ____________________ directions.



The surface of the ground is shown by a heavy solid line, called a ____________________ line.



The ____________________ line usually includes one or more notes to indicate the elevation above sea level or another reference point.



The ____________________ is the uppermost framing member in the wall.



The ____________________ is the framing that goes across the top of a window opening.



On elevation drawings, underground portions of a building are shown with ____________________ lines.


Short Answer


Explain when elevations are not labeled according to compass directions.

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