Today's Technician, Automotive Electricity & Electronics CM/SM

Third Edition
Author: Barry Hollembeak; Jack Erjavec
ISBN #: 0766820998
©2003   Publish Date: 08/08/2002
Binding: PB
Pages: 1280
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $109.95


The best-selling book/shop manual package in our landmark Today's Technician series, the third edition of Automotive Electricity and Electronics continues to equip its readers with the most in-depth discussion of basic theory, safety, tools, and major automotive electrical/electronic systems (e.g., charging, starting, ignition, lighting, accessories, instruments, and computers) available anywhere! In response to user feedback, we've added more information about voltage, current, and resistance in order to aid readers who are new to this area of study in visualizing electrical/electronic principles at work. We've also increased our emphasis on developing the future technician's ability to use manufacturers' service information, given more prominence to diagnostic methods in the discussion of troubleshooting, and updated our coverage of testing equipment and OBD II. Perhaps most importantly, we've added many all-new examples to guide readers, step-by-step, to complete mastery of all of the electrical/electronic knowledge plus hands-on diagnostic and troubleshooting skills they need to become highly skilled automotive technicians. Helpful cross-references between theory discussed in the book and step-by-step procedures outlined in the shop manual are also included for optimal learning effectiveness.

Product Benefits:

  • new information on air bags, cruise control systems, composite and high intensity drive (HID) lighting technology, plus programming and binary code as it relates to the body computer allows readers to keep pace with recent technological advancements
  • marginal notes introduce trade jargon and commonly used industry terms, aiding understanding and enabling readers to acquire the vocabulary needed to communicate effectively with other automotive professionals
  • Cautions and Warnings are located at strategic points, reminding readers of the importance of following safe working procedures and adhering to safety guidelines in order to prevent personal injury and equipment damage
  • Case Studies and Customer Care tips add relevance, providing readers with clear links between must-know theory and the actual practices of today's successful, ASE-certified automotive technicians
  • chapter-end summaries, review and ASE-style questions and worksheets, guide readers to rapid mastery of the skills required of today's automotive technicians
  • the spiral-bound Shop Manual contains Job Sheets for users to complete and turn in for grading, step-by-step photo sequences, plus professional service tips
  • an Instructor's Guide available free to adopters includes an answer key, correlation guide to ASE tasks, lecture outlines, and a set of sample tests
  • the all-new, Electronic Information Resource Kit makes it easy to create an exciting, state-of-the-art learning experience using our image library, ready-made PowerPoint slides, supplemental lab exercises, and computer testbank

Table of Contents:

Classroom Manual


Chapter 1: Safety

Chapter 2: Basic Theories

Chapter 3: Electrical Components

Chapter 4: Wiring and Circuit Diagrams

Chapter 5: Automotive Batteries

Chapter 6: Direct Current Motors and The Starting System

Chapter 7: Charging Systems

Chapter 8: Ignition Systems

Chapter 9: Lighting Circuits

Chapter 10: Conventional Analog Instrumentation, Indicator Lights, and Warning Devices

Chapter 11: Electrical Accessories

Chapter 12: Introduction to Body Computers

Chapter 13: Advanced Lighting Circuits and Electronic Instrumentation

Chapter 14: Electronic Chassis Control and Accessory Systems

Chapter 15: Passive Restraint Systems


Shop Manual


Chapter 1: Tools and Safety

Chapter 2: Typical Shop Procedures

Chapter 3: Basic Electrical Troubleshooting and Service

Chapter 4: Wiring Repair and Reading The Circuit Diagrams

Chapter 5: Battery Diagnosis and Service

Chapter 6: Starting System Diagnosis and Service

Chapter 7: Charging System Testing and Service

Chapter 8: Ignition System Diagnosis and Service

Chapter 9: Lighting Circuits Repair and Diagnosis

Chapter 10: Conventional Instrument Cluster Diagnosis and Repair

Chapter 11: Electrical Accessories Diagnosis and Repair

Chapter 12: Body Computer System Diagnosis

Chapter 13: Advanced Lighting Systems and Electronic Instrumentation Diagnosis and Repair

Chapter 14: Diagnosis of Electronic Chassis and Accessory Systems

Chapter 15: Servicing Passive Restraint Systems

Appendix A (ASE Practice Examination)
Appendix B (Metric Conversions)
Appendix C (Electrical and Electronic Special Tools Suppliers

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