Today's Technician, Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning

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Author: Mark Schnubel
Edition: 004
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781428383241
ISBN 10: 1428383247
Copyright: 2009

Price: $109.95

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Today's Technician: Heating & Air Conditioning, 4E is a two-book set that separates theory and diagnostic content into Classroom and Shop Manuals. This separation allows readers to learn theories of heating and air conditioning before applying them, with the benefit of cross-referenced page numbers in each manual to link related material. Updated to reflect the industry's latest developments and trends, this edition includes expanded coverage of basic theories, as well as all-new sections on upgraded equipment, sealant contamination and testing, and non-compressible gas contamination. In addition, the information on compressors has been updated to include new hybrid electric compressors and the safety issues that accompany them. With this up-to-date, technically accurate information, this is a valuable resource for learning the theory, components, diagnosis and repair of modern automotive heating and air conditioning systems.


  • Current NATEF-oriented objectives open each chapter, helping readers to understand and meet certification requirements
  • Updated illustrations and photo sequences offer visual explanations of the most recent technological developments in the area of automotive heating and air conditioning
  • Revised job sheets reflect the latest NATEF tasks, adequately preparing readers for the work they are likely to face in the field
  • Instructor support package, including PowerPoint, Computerized Test Bank, Image Library, Instructor's Guide and NATEF Correlation Grid, saves teachers time in the classroom so they can spend more hands-on time with students

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