Delmar Nurse's Drug Handbook 2010 Edition

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Author: George R. Spratto; Adrienne L. Woods
Edition: 001
Product Type: Book w/Multimedia (CD, DVD or Electronic)
ISBN 13: 9781439056165
ISBN 10: 1439056161
Copyright: 2010

Price: $49.95

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With over 1,000 of the latest and most common FDA-approved drugs, the Delmar NURSE'S DRUG HANDBOOK™ 2010 Edition continues to be an essential resource for the most important drug information. Each entry provides a wealth of facts concerning drug action, dosage, interactions, and contraindications. Clear guidelines are also provided for administration of drugs, communication with clients, and nursing considerations. The Delmar NURSE'S DRUG HANDBOOK™ 2010 Edition highlights prevention of medication errors and clinical accountability like no other drug resource, making it a trusted product for nursing students, practicing nurses, and other health care professionals.


  • The new edition contains approximately 19 newly-approved drugs from the FDA.
  • A new design and additional drugs added to the Drug Identification Guide.
  • The accompanying CD-ROM contains updated information for the 200 most commonly used drugs, as well as essential PDA downloads.
  • The drug database includes information from the 2010 edition and is updated with searching enhancements.
  • FREE downloads to your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with access to the searchable Nurse's Drug Database.
  • Detailed nursing considerations for each drug, including step-by-step client teaching information.
  • Black Box icons alert users to particularly dangerous drugs with serious and life-threatening side effects.
  • Ear icons identify drug names that sound like others, to prevent medication errors.

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