Game Development Essentials, Game Interface Design

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Author: Kevin Saunders; Jeannie Novak
Edition: 002
Product Type: Book with DVD
ISBN 13: 9781111642884
ISBN 10: 1111642885
Copyright: 2013

Price: $284.95

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Covering the complex topic of game interface design, GAME DEVELOPMENT ESSENTIALS: GAME INTERFACE DESIGN, is back with an all new Second Edition. This comprehensive introductory text immerses readers in the foundation, theory, and practice of interface creation, while including interviews with working professionals, examples from every gaming era and many genres, and hundreds of screenshots from contemporary games. Also featured are an expanded practice section with a wide variety of real world design examples, coverage of interface design for mobile and motion-sensing devices, multiplayer games, and much more. Readers will explore everything from the history of game interface design and basic design theories to practical strategies for creating winning, interactive interfaces and user experiences.


  • Comprehensive coverage of game interface design including its history, theory, and practice.
  • Includes interviews with working professionals and examples from every gaming era and many genres.
  • Features an expanded practice section with a wide variety of flowcharts and design examples.
  • Includes coverage of interface design for mobile and motion-sensing devices, multiplayer and social games, and much more.
  • Back-of-book DVD contains several helpful design tools, videos and trial software.
  • End of chapter review questions quiz students on what they have learned throughout the chapter and help reinforce key concepts.
  • New material on genres and platforms that have been released or grown in popularity since the first edition, such as smartphones, tablets, current console systems (Xbox360, PS3, Wii, 3DS), social networking games, and serious games.
  • Updated and improved screenshots, reference games, and industry profiles.
  • Expanded Practice content, with case studies from developers on recent game titles for a variety of genres, and including detailed analyses of real world interface design decisions.
  • Detailed coverage of interface technological developments, including advances in touchscreens, motion-sensing devices, and speech recognition.
  • More examples of best practices in interface design--including discussion of advanced concepts such as diegetic interface elements, adaptive balancing, and "unconscious" controls.

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