Modern Diesel Technology, Electricity and Electronics

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Author: Joseph Bell
Edition: 002
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781133949800
ISBN 10: 1133949800
Copyright: 2014

Price: $134.95

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Today's diesel vehicles integrate electrical and electronic controls within all major systems, making a thorough understanding of current technology essential for success as a diesel technician. Bell's MODERN DIESEL TECHNOLOGY: ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICS, Second Edition, provides this understanding through clear explanations of fundamental principles, detailed coverage of the latest engines and equipment, abundant real-world examples, and the technical accuracy and depth of detail that professional technicians demand. An engaging writing style and highly visual layout make the material easier to master, while a strong focus on practical applications and problem-solvinghelp readers readily use what they learn in the shop. Now updated with a visually appealing, two-color design and new material to reflect the latest technology and practices, this proven guide is an essential resource for aspiring and professional diesel technicians alike.


  • A new, dedicated chapter provides thorough, up-to-date coverage of diesel engine electronics, including HD-OBD and exhaust emissions systems, as well as an introduction to automated control systems.
  • The Second Edition has been carefully updated and expanded with accurate information on the latest technologies and techniques, including deeper coverage of sensor technologies and multiplexing, and new information on hybrid electric trucks, advanced anti-lock braking (ABS) systems, and telematics.
  • New material to enhance the Second Edition includes advanced content in the "Extras for Experts" features, examples and illustrations reflecting a wide range of current trucks and heavy equipment from various manufacturers, and more guidance on troubleshooting in difficult, real-world scenarios.
  • A new, two-color design makes the text more visually appealing and allows for enhanced illustrations that make key concepts and examples easier to understand and apply.
  • A broader set of supplements for the text is now available to facilitate teaching and learning, including an ExamView test bank for instructors.
  • While providing a solid grounding in essential electrical theory and physics principles, the text does not burden readers with unnecessary mathematical detail, enabling even those inexperienced or uncomfortable with advanced math to readily master the material.
  • More than 500 photos, illustrations, and other visual elements help bring chapter material to life and make it easier for readers to apply what they learn in the shop while honing their skills through hands-on practice.
  • In addition to abundant real-world examples featuring the International High Performance model, the text presents a variety of first-hand experiences to give readers the perspective of a professional technician and convey historical information about the electronics revolution in the automotive industry.
  • Each chapter includes references to relevant ASE Education Foundation standards, enabling readers to connect material to the corresponding industry guidelines that will apply to their work as professional technicians.

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