Online Companion: Fundamentals of Nursing Standards and Practice 2E

Web Links

North American Nursing Diagnosis Association
This site is sponsored and maintained by the professional group that is concerned with development and revision of the official NANDA Nursing Diagnosis list.

Nursing Diagnosis and Extension Classification
Nurse educators and researchers are refining, validating and classifying nursing diagnoses.

Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC)
This site of the homepage of the NIC project. Based at University of Iowa Center for Nursing Classification, the project is developing a comprehensive and standardized language that describes treatments that nurses perform in all settings.

Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC)
The NOC project at the University of Iowa is developing a comprehensive and standardized classification of client outcomes developed to evaluate effects of nursing interventions. The NOC language is recognized by the American Nurses' Association.

National Council of State Boards of Nursing
This website has links to individual state boards of nursing in USA.

Agency for Health Care Research and Quality
This website sponsored by the federal government has a series of clinical practice guidelines for some common clinical problems such as pain, urinary incontinence.