Health Assessment and Physical Examination

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Author: Mary Ellen Zator Estes
Edition: 004
Product Type: Book w/Multimedia (CD, DVD or Electronic)
ISBN 13: 9781435427563
ISBN 10: 1435427564
Copyright: 2010

Price: $248.95

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Gain confidence and competence with Health Assessment & Physical Examination, Fourth Edition!

Promoting healthy outcomes in patients begins with thorough and knowledgeable assessment, a key nursing responsibility. As you develop and refine your examination skills, you will learn to view the patient from a holistic perspective of not only physical well-being, but social, spiritual, emotional, and psychological health as well. With Health Assessment & Physical Examination, Fourth Edition, you will gain the confidence and technical skills required of a competent and well-trained professional.


  • New case studies are included throughout to encourage you to apply critical thinking skills to real-life scenarios.
  • New interactive in-book CD-ROM includes assessments, heart and lung sounds, an audio glossary, chapter activities, and much more.
  • New review questions are included in each chapter.
  • Assessment in Brief checklists show the steps for performing each type of assessment; these are also included in tear-out cards at the back of the book, which can be used as pocket-sized clinical references.
  • Pain Assessment section has been expanded with new information on nursing diagnoses, interventions, and expected outcomes related to pain as a presenting symptom.
  • A robust Online Companion offers invaluable resources such as web links, study exercises, practice activities, and more.

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