Nutrition & Diet Therapy

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Author: Ruth A. Roth
Edition: 010
Product Type: Book w/Multimedia (CD, DVD or Electronic)
ISBN 13: 9781435486294
ISBN 10: 1435486293
Copyright: 2011

Price: $237.95

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NUTRITION & DIET THERAPY, 10TH EDITION is the ideal introduction to the essentials of nutrition concepts, good health and client care. This book will help nurses to more effectively help their clients improve their nutrition and overall health.


  • New In the Media and Supersize USA boxes have been added to keep students up to speed on some of the current events and fads influencing what we know about health and nutrition today as well as to bring current nutrition problems to the forefront and to generate discussion in the classroom.
  • Updated exchange list information, developed by the American Diabetes Association in conjunction with the American Dietetic Association as well as Updated Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) and Daily Recommended Intake (DRI) can be found in tables throughout the book.
  • A new section in Chapter 2 U.S Cultural Dietary Influences provides expanded information about the influence of cultures on the U.S diet and their nutritional strengths and weaknesses.
  • New childhood obesity information discusses recent findings about the increasing obesity problem among children and outlines a strategy parents can use to help their children.
  • New Online Companion includes tools for both the student and instructor. For the student: access to StudyWare online; links to resources, an additional 10 NCLEX style practice questions, PowerPoint presentations. And for the instructor an online Instructor Manual; Answers to Review Questions/Suggested Answers to the Case in Point as well as PowerPoint presentations.
  • My Pyramid guidelines are recommended and embraced throughout the text.
  • Supersize USA boxes highlight information and current events pertaining to the national obesity epidemic.
  • Spotlight on the Life Cycle boxes outline nutritional concerns at each stage of life.
  • Exploring the Web boxes provide web sites with more depth on chapter topics.
  • Case in Points are reality-based case studies that apply to the chapter topics, followed up by a Rate this Plate challenge that asks for evaluation of a proposed meal plan for a client.
  • StudyWare included in the back of the book includes: Answers to Review Questions from the textbook and suggested responses to the Case in Point and Rate the Plate Features! 24 Exam Prep Questions to test your students comprehension! Activities and Quizzes to help your students master chapter content

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