Cengage Learning is changing the way that products and services are developed and delivered for education, training and professional references. We're always receptive to innovative product ideas such as text or reference books, online training and skills-based courses, DVDs, and any other creative product proposals that will help deliver education, reference and training for a wide variety of fields. With you as an author, a subject matter expert (SME), a manuscript reviewer or a valued customer, we'll work together to create the very best in learning solutions.

Many of our products are developed and written by leading professionals and educators in their field. Through interaction with our peer and technical reviewers, field sales representatives, subject matter experts, instructors, and practicing professionals, we can help ensure the successful creation and launch of your idea. Through product planning, market-oriented development that focuses on the customer needs, and well-executed production and marketing plans, we continuously strive to maximize the sales potential of each product.

An overview of the process and answers to some common questions are provided below. For detailed information on how you can become an author, please download our Author's Guide. If you are interested in writing, please let us know.

If you are a subject matter expert interested in working with us please contact us.

Cengage Learning is always looking for reviewers. If you are interested, please let us know.

The Concept

To fulfill a need in the market or explore a new product concept, Cengage Learning usually asks for a proposal that includes a vision statement of the project, overview of the market and opportunities, detailed table of contents and sample materials, or in the case of electronically delivered product, a well-developed description, sample or prototype.


Authors and SMEs may be compensated in a variety of ways. The most common financial arrangements are a one-time payment or a long-term royalt relationship. Editors welcome the opportunity to discuss the most appropriate arrangement with an author once his or her proposal material has been received and favorably reviewed.

The Development Process

Once an agreement is signed, the formal development process begins. Solid and strategic development and production plans are critical to the success of a new and revised product. Cengage Learning has one of the most experienced teams of editors, production managers, and marketing managers in the industry. Someone who understands your needs and area of expertise, as well as the market concerns related to your project, will be working with you directly throughout the process.

The Production Process

Once a project is ready for production, the author works with the team to ensure both quality and timeliness of the product.

Author's Guide

The Author's Guide is a valuable resource for our author's and subject matter experts and includes more information on Cengage Learning, the publishing and production process, writing hints, tips on how to prepare a text and art manuscript, and much more. Get started by reviewing the Author's Guide now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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